Is BI a major trend? (will BI be needing AI?)

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I was taken a look at some sources showing trends on BI for 2007, especially related to legacy code. I have found interesting the following quotes from a report Knightsbridge Solutions LLC (Trends in Business Intelligence for 2007)
Trend #5
Service-Oriented Architecture: Information Management is Critical to Success
(of BI)
The buzz around service-oriented architecture (SOA) continues, with some organizations viewing SOA
as the solution to a wide range of business and technology problems, from improving enterprise agility
to deriving more value from legacy systems
(I think we are wintness of that). In the BI arena, SOA has great potential for delivering
enhanced capabilities to users. An SOA-enabled BI infrastructure could provide seamless access to
both batch and real-time data integrated across operational and analytical sources. SOA also presents
opportunities for innovation in areas such as real-time data collection and real-time analytic services.
However, companies that approach SOA without a strong information management methodology will
have difficulty achieving the benefits they seek. When implementing SOA on a large scale, companies will
face the same barriers they do in large BI integration projects.
For example, some early adopters of SOA
found that semantic incompatibilities in the data between disparate systems are a significant impediment
to SOA adoption.
These organizations are discovering that master data management and data governance
efforts must precede SOA adoption to provide a “common language” that supports integration. SOA has
the potential to deliver benefits in BI and many other areas, but not without a solid information management

And also
Trend #8
Influence of Large Vendors: Market Consolidation Expected in 2007
Speculation abounded in 2006 regarding potential acquisitions of pure-play vendors in the BI space.
Business Objects, Cognos, Hyperion, and Informatica were seen as potential acquisition targets with
likely acquirers being enterprise software and infrastructure vendors like IBM, Microsoft, Oracle,
and SAP. Large vendors have moved aggressively into the BI space, building their capabilities through
both acquisitions and internal development
(as evidenced by Hewlett-Packard’s recent acquisition
of Knightsbridge).
Strongly consistent with this;jsessionid=ADNU0C0TP01BYQSNDLRSKH0CJUNN2JVN?articleID=199501674
This is also interesting to see in more detail
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