Migration as a path leading to BI

22. May 2007 07:05 by CarlosLoria in General  //  Tags:   //   Comments (0)

We speculate software and data migration are frequently urged by IT infrastructure modernization needs (emergencies would it be more precise to say perhaps) at the enterprise level which often are nearly related with platform obsolescence and associated maintenance costs. A possibly even more appreciable benefit might be the need of integration between heterogeneous information systems and data bases, the need of being able to easily connect information sources, to create access ports to facilitate extraction and derivation of knowledge from such sources helping at the management level at the decision-support systems level in a more natural and easy way. In other words, the real value of modernization would be to support BI-like strata pointing -for sure- to a better CRM platform among others. We feel migration is probably not perceived as a transitory goal, more as a mean, so the added-value might lie outside possibly hidden with respect to the whole migration effort per se. It seems to me that the vertical road which leads from software migration and modernization until reaching BI-end-user is perceived as a too long one, one that is hard to appreciate at first sight at the management level. My question to myself would be whether that has to be so. Shouldn’t migration tools and message be pointing as layers enablers for the BI layer, in a more directly way. And if the answer is yes we should be asking ourselves how such migration tools can be adapted for closing the gap.