Aiming at Migration 2.0 more in detail

11. June 2007 04:41 by CarlosLoria in General  //  Tags:   //   Comments (0)

By Migration 2.0 (coined in the context of MacAfee’s Enterprise 2.0 vision) we want to consider additional ways of addressing Automated Software Modernization in a Web 2.0 context and why or how this should or not deserve some particular attention. As a complement of a previous post, we have developed a presentation (albeit in Spanish) which may help to clarify (or not) some of the ideas around the notion. Especially relevant are a user-centric notion of migration and modernization as a sort of “SLATES-ification” of legacy code where legacy need to be understood inside of the 2.0 context. We will revisit and refine this idea in a forthcoming post.
You will find the slides of the presentation here.