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In these pod casts you will find an interesting interview of myself talking about ArtinSoft's experience on .NET migrations.  Many of the basis are covered.  Please send your feedback and enjoy!


Mark Baker and Nik Hemdal interview Windows and .NET experts on techniques for getting the most out of the .NET platform.
Audio is provided in MP3 files. Listen online or subscribe to the
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Ready-Set-Go! Your VB6 Migration

Mark M. Baker

Federico Zoufaly of Artinsoft discusses its Ready-Set-Go! methodology for migrating VB6 applications to .NET and how its extensive experience with migration was a key reason Microsoft selected Artinsoft to develop the VB6 Upgrade Wizard and provide key guidance in the VB6 Migration Guide. Learn how to approach migration as a systematic and thoughtful manner to ensure success. (MP3, 17:23 mins.)

The Wizard of the VB6 Upgrade Wizard

Mark M. Baker

Federico Zoufaly of Artinsoft, the developers of the Microsoft VB6 Upgrade Wizard, describes the benefits of iterative upgrading -- refactoring your VB6 code each time to refine the result from the wizard. He also digs into the internals and improvements of the VS 2005 Upgrade Wizard. (MP3, 16:45 mins.)