Webcast: How to upgrade legacy VB 6 applications

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-- "It's not tremendously exciting stuff and we'd all like to be able to start from scratch, but there's a huge investment in these legacy applications," said Keith Pleas, MVP architect and head of Keith Pleas & Associates. --

There is a fundamental question in the software world.  Are applications like cars? Do we use them a few years and then we throw them away?  Or are applications like buildings?  We treat them as important assets and we try to extract as much value as possible from them?  Nobody blows away a building just to build a new one from scratch ( well... maybe in Vegas!) , on the other hand we tend to do exactly that with software applications.  Should we???

You ought to yourself and the company you work for to evaluate Automatic Migration as an option to bring new life to VB6 applications.  As Keith points out, there is a huge investment and we need to maximize the ROI.

This web cast about the VB Migration Guide gives you a nice overview of the content of the book and some essential guidance to make decisions.

Link to Webcast: How to upgrade legacy VB 6 applications