Welcome back Basic!!

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My first language ever was GW-Basic. I was a teenager doing in summer work at a company that made polls about hair products and things like that. At that time I didn’t had a computer. They were tooooo expensive.

And I found a manual for GW-Basic. I stole it, to make a copy, my boss found out and he fired me :(. But then I had the power!! jeje. With my cousin Esteban we started out first programs. And we got our first sale :) :) :). It was the typical POS software for a small video rental  company.

Ahhh, and that was just the beginning.

So, I really appreciate basic, with all its strengths and weaknesses. I do most of my development now in C#, I think due to my C++, java years, and know I am more used to its syntax, and I really prefer C#. But I consider Basic a real treasure.

Well recently while digging in the Microsoft Dev Labs I discovered SmallBasic. I was just browsing for some new stuff and I am glad to have found this jewel.

Artinsoft (the company I work for) is a company that has devoted a lot of time in the research of automatic software migration to other platforms.Not for nothing one of our flapship products is Visual Basic Upgrade Companion, so basic in any form is always a delight for me. (I will soon post a brief article about bringing VBScript back to life in VB.NET just wait and see)

Ok. Back to SmallBasic.


First of all. The interface is great!!!

image IDE

It has a cool intellisense guide and you can even extend it :)


And they even resurrected LOGO!


I just hope to write a cool Turtle Graphics routine soon!