Yes, there is hope for SWT to .NET migrations

20. April 2006 17:05 by Jaguilar in General  //  Tags: ,   //   Comments (0)

SWT is a commonly used Java GUI framework, brought to the masses by the Eclipse project. Every once in a while there is customer that wants to migrate from a SWT-based application to C# using the JLCA, but so far this conversion required a significant effort in order to build the necessary infrastructure.

Well, now there's hope. I just noticed that the good guys at ICSharpCode have a version of SWT for .NET, called the Sharp Widget Toolkit (SharpWT or #WT). With this library and the JLCA Companion, we should be able to automate the conversion of a significant portion of SWT-based application, and get them up and running on .NET very quickly. Based on their previous work, the SharpWT library should be very high quality - they also developed the #ziplib library, to which we've often converted the* classes, and other projects you can check out on their website.

So, there you have it - there is hope for SWT to .NET migrations. ;o)