Naming Conventions and Coding Standards

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ArtinSoft’s top seller product, the Visual Basic Upgrade Companion is daily improved by the Product Department to satisfy the requirements of the currently executed migration projects . The project driven research methodology allows our company to deliver custom solutions to our customers needs, and more importantly, to enhance our products capabilities with all the research done for this purposes. Our company’s largest customer engaged our consulting department requesting for a customization over the VBUC to generate specific naming patterns in the resulting source code. To be more specific, the resulting source code must comply with some specific naming code standards plus a mappings customization for a 3rd party control (FarPoint’s FPSpread). This request pushed ArtinSoft to re-architect the VBUC's renaming engine, which was capable at the moment, to rename user declarations in some scenarios (.NET reserved keywords, collisions and more). The re-architecture consisted in a centralization of the renaming rules into a single-layered engine. Those rules was extracted from the Companion’s parser and mapping files and relocated into a renaming declaration library. The most important change is that the renaming engine now evaluates every declaration instead of only the conflictive ones. This enhanced renaming mechanism generates a new name for each conflictive declaration and returns the unchanged declaration otherwise. The renaming engine can literally “filter” all the declarations and fix possible renaming issues. But the story is not finished here; thanks to our company’s proprietary language technology (Kablok) the renaming engine is completely extensible. Jafet Welsh, from the product development department, is a member of the team who implemented the new renaming engine and the extensibility library, and he explained some details about this technology: “…The extensibility library seamlessly integrates new rules (written in Kablok) into the renaming engine… we described a series of rules for classes, variables, properties and other user declarations to satisfy our customer's code standards using the renaming engine extensibility library… and we plan to add support for a rules-describing mechanism to allow the users to write renaming rules on their own…” ArtinSoft incorporated the renaming engine for the VBUC version 2.1 and for version 2.2 the extensibility library will be completed.