Install Virtual Server R2 SP1 on Longorn Server

24. July 2006 03:42 by Csaborio in General  //  Tags:   //   Comments (0)
Usually when you install a beta OS with a beta productivity app, things can go wrong, or at least that's what you expect. That was exactly what I thought when I tried to install the latest beta of Virtual Server on Longhorn Beta. I got an error telling me that I did not have IIS installed and could therefore could not install Virtual Server. After reading the an old blog entry from the Virtual PC Guy's weblog (this guy gets paid to test old games ;), the soulution is simply to install ALL the IIS 6 Management Compatibility components and you are good to go: far as installing goes. I am now having problems with other things for which I hope to post the solution pretty soon...ah the beauty of beta software!!