BANAMEX signs automatic VB6 migration contract with ArtinSoft

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The launch of ArtinSoft's spanish web site (  comes in synch with ArtinSoft's winning a very large contract to migrate over 170 Visual Basic applications at Banamex (a Citi Group subsidiary).  The applications will be fully updated and deployed by the bank in less than one year period.  This is a record time for such a large migration project: over 5 millions lines of code! 

Banamex performed extensive research on how to approach the VB6 support deadline.  Since the beginning of the evaluation process the internal debate was weather to automatically migrate or to rewrite the apps. 

They did a full assessment of their application portfolio and separeted the applications that were about to be retired and choose the applications that were functionally relevant to the business.   They observed that the chosen applications were simply performing all the business requirements they were supposed to perform, therefore no need to change them functionally!    The next realization was that a rewriting was definetely NOT the cost-effective way to solve the situation.  The estimated difference betweeb a rewrite and a migration was 5 to 1.

Banamex showed once more that if your application is performing and what you need to do is move to adopt .NET and all the benefits that come with it then the best way forward is through automatic upgrade.


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