Estimating all the project work

29. August 2011 17:12 by jpena in General  //  Tags:   //   Comments (0)

Some time ago, I helped a British company to prepare and plan for their in-house migration project.  One of the first things that we checked were the project effort estimates, so we could build a work breakdown structure based on the estimated effort for each activity; both the company’s developers and ArtinSoft’s had made separate estimates for the project so we could compare and discuss them. 

To my surprise, the company’s estimates were significantly lower than ours, so we started digging into the details to find where the biggest discrepancies were, and realized that their estimate consisted of developer effort only, with no testing or administrative work.  They were so focused on manual changes, Upgrade Warnings and compile errors that they omitted the QA process necessary to validate that the application is stable and working as the original one. 

As with other development projects, migrations do require a full testing of the converted application before it is released to production.  You may find less bugs than you would if you were coding from scratch, but the complete QA cycle is vital in order to ensure stability and Functional Equivalence.  Also, don’t forget to include effort for administrative tasks as well as other activities that you may have in your projects, depending on your project management methodology.