Can I use Subversion just like I used Microsoft Visual SourceSafe

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Subversion is great and has many features, but sometimes (specially when merges can be complicated) you might want to switch to working as you did in Visual Sourcesafe where you were the only one that could modify certain file until you check out.

A very common question I get is "I just want to work with subversion as I did with Sourcesafe!! How can I do it?"

One way to do that is to use SVN Locking. 

Tortoise provides a great way to do that: see this page.


Figure 1: This is the dialog you get in tortoise with you right click a file and select GetLock

Figure 2: To check who has a lock on a file you right click and select Check for modifications

Track Changes in VSS (Visual Source Safe)

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MS VSS (Visual SourceSafe) is not really my preferred Source Control application, but
sometimes in your company that is what is available and you need to used it to have
at least some versioning of the code.

But haven't you had a situation where last week everything worked and
now everything is broken. And now is up to you to determine what went
wrong? I have it all the time.

VSS have some search tools but I really do not enjoy using them.
The Code Project Site provides an excellent tool called VssReporter

Sample Image - VssReporter.jpg

Do take a look at it, it makes it more easy to track changes. :)


SVN get files without the .svn directories

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I felt so stupid today. Because when for a couple of months,
every now and then, when someone asked me for a copy of the source code
I just made a copy of my src directory and then searched for the .svn* folder
and then I erased them,
until by mistake i found the EXPORT function.
I use SmartSVN and I was creating a new project
and then the light came to me :S
Well if it happens to you just remember there is a
svn export
command. This will get the code from the repository without all the nasty files.