Silverlight as a mechanism for simplification of application deployment


I think Silverlight is a great technology that can be use to create great applications, or as a migration target from Visual Basic 6, Powerbuilder or Windows Forms apps which can take advantage of a very simplified deployment approach.

And use  Artinsoft/ Mobilize automated solutions (see ) 

Deployment is as simple as just publish your SL application on your intranet and your clients just need to press F5 to have the latest SL version. 

Silverlight provides a good balance between ease of development and platform features(XAML and .NET and Visual Studio). 

Silverlight can run cross-platform. (On Windows and Mac using the official Microsoft implementation and on Linux using Moonlight. 



Support For Silverlight 4



Support For Silverlight 5


Also Silverlight is a good intermediate point if you plan to modernize your application even further to Windows 8 but not just yet. You will find several resources for porting your Silverlight app to Windows 8 like  




NOTE: Moonlight provides support for 32 and 64 bit Linux. It supports Silverlight 2.0, and some features of silverlight 3 and 4, but is not currently an active project.