Internet Explorer Runtime Error Do you Wish to Debug?

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Hi, for several months I lived with an extremely unconfortable bug.
On some pages IE will display an alert dialog indicating 

A Runtime Error has occurred.
Do you wish to Debug?
Line: blablabla
Error: blablalba

 Well finally I looked in google and found this:

So if anybody had to live with this bug like me, I hope this helps him

Here is a valuable comment I received. So I'm adding it so it will help somebody else.

I was plagued by the "Runtime error - do you wish to debug?" problem for months
and finally resolved it last night, after testing everything else in the MS knowledgebase
to no avail (
The problem disappeared instantly after a tip-off elsewhere to install & run SpyBot. (Looks like my SpywareBlaster 4.1 failed me there.)
So it wasn't:
my IE 7 settings (Disable script debugging),
operating system (XP Pro SP3),
firewall (Comodo Pro),
antivirus (Avast!) or
scripting engine (WindowsScript 5.7) - just Spyware


Debugging AJAX

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AJAX applications are great
Their coolness factor is high, and your clients
will be trilled by the new interactivity of your pages
But as a developer when you have a problem with
AJAX it could be hard to track. Because there is
a lot going on behind the scenes
Some of our costumers migrate their ASP applications to
to ASP.NET and it's natural that they want
some AJAX in it.
So I found a GREAT GREAT application for AJAX debugging
It's called fiddler. I cannot describe it all for you so go its site and watch the videos
The tool is just amazing :)
It really can see everything that the browser
receives and sends and more.
A definitive must Fiddler

MSBuild and Visual Studio

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One of my purposes for this year was to start
using more the MSBuild
Saldly I'm still not as good on it as I expected
This link provided some interetings points MS Build and VS

Case Sensitive SQL Server

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Recently a friend at work had a problem querying a SQL server that indicated that the column name was wrong.

The only thing wrong was the the case. For example he had COLUMN1 instead of Column1. I had never seen that problem in SQLServer.
I had seed that in Sybase but not in SQLServer. He solved that by changing the database collating sequence to something like this:

alter database database1 collate SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AI

the CI in the collating indicates Case Insensitive

For more information on SQL Server collations check:

And you determine your current database collation use a code like this:

USE yourdb>

print 'My database [' + db_name() + '] collation is: ' + cast( DATABASEPROPERTYEX ( db_name(), N'Collation' ) as varchar(128) )

print 'My tempdb database collation is: ' + cast( DATABASEPROPERTYEX ( 'tempdb', N'Collation' ) as varchar(128) )


Track Changes in VSS (Visual Source Safe)

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MS VSS (Visual SourceSafe) is not really my preferred Source Control application, but
sometimes in your company that is what is available and you need to used it to have
at least some versioning of the code.

But haven't you had a situation where last week everything worked and
now everything is broken. And now is up to you to determine what went
wrong? I have it all the time.

VSS have some search tools but I really do not enjoy using them.
The Code Project Site provides an excellent tool called VssReporter

Sample Image - VssReporter.jpg

Do take a look at it, it makes it more easy to track changes. :)


Get GUIDs/CLSIDs from Exe, dll, ocx, tlb, etc

23. October 2007 10:08 by Mrojas in General  //  Tags: , ,   //   Comments (0)

A simple way of getting the GUID from an exe, dll, ocx, tlb is using the  TLBINF32.dll

This file is in the system path and it must be registered
(Remember to use regsvr32 if you haven't registered).

            TLI.TLIApplicationClass a = new TLI.TLIApplicationClass();

                TLI.TypeLibInfo inf = a.TypeLibInfoFromFile(@"c:\windows\system32\MSHFLXGD.OCX");
                "TypeLibrary Name " +  inf.Name + "\r\n" + //name of (Type Library)
                "Tlb ID " +  inf.GUID + "\r\n" + // GUID for Library
                "LCID "  + inf.LCID + "\r\n" + // Language / Country
                "Major Version "+ inf.MajorVersion + "\r\n" + // Major Version
                "Minor Version "+ inf.MinorVersion); // Minor Version
                for (short i = 1; i < inf.TypeInfoCount; i++)

                    TLI.TypeInfo inf2 = inf.TypeInfos[i];
                    MessageBox.Show("CLSID " + inf2.Name + " - " + inf2.GUID,i + " of " +

            catch (Exception ee)
                MessageBox.Show("No guid");



cfgrid or ext grid change column align

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If you are using Coldfusion MX 8 cfgrid or the excelent Ext library and
you want to change the aligment for the column then a simple way
to do that is:

Add an style block like

 .x-grid-col-0 {text-align:center}
 .x-grid-col-1 {text-align:left}
 .x-grid-col-2 {text-align:right}

And that's all just remember to change  .x-grid-col-n change the n for the column you want to modify.

Clean Up your Coldfusion application

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Currently I'm working in some tools to clean
your code, whether it is VB, ASP or Coldfusion.

Mostly simple tools, but for now if you are a
ColdFusion Developer I want to recommend a nice
application called CF Project Cleaner
This tools lends you a hand so you can
get rid of unused files. The tool is not perfect. But it is always handy
to review your code.

MAN for .NET

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Microsoft recently published the MTPS Content Service

In brief, the MTPS Content Services are a set of
web services for exposing the content in
Microsoft/TechNet Publishing System (MTPS).

And Craig Andera, has develop a swift nice tool
called msdnman that you use from the command line to
get information from the MSDN

Also I recommend you to see this cool video of a Human LCD that Hugo sent me

Comparison Tool for Windows

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If you need a good and FREE comparison tool
I recommend WinMerge