BlogSigs: Promoting your blog through your email's signature

18. June 2007 11:11 by enassar in General  //  Tags:   //   Comments (0)
Here's a neat utility for constant bloggers who want to drive more traffic to their sites. Available for both Windows and Mac OS BlogSigs can be configured to work with Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Hotmail, and it adds a link to your latest blog post in your email signature. It's definitely much better than just putting the standard link to your site's main URL!

Easy link builder for lazy bloggers

10. May 2007 06:55 by enassar in General  //  Tags:   //   Comments (0)
Just wanted to share a nice tool I found to create quick links at blog posts. Developed by Laurence Gonzalves using the Google AJAX Search API, this is perfect for those constant bloggers who make extensive use of hyperlink tags.


OK. So finally, after months of encouraging my colleagues to post their thoughts and experiences on this domain, I decided to start my own blog. Yeah, well, it probably should have started the other way around, but you know what they say: "Shoemakers’ wives go barefoot, and doctors' wives die young". Having worked at ArtinSoft's marketing and customer service departments for years, it's only natural to write about the market/business side of the software migration world (motivations, advances, tips, experiences, issues, achievements, statistics, etc.), specially around Visual Basic to .NET upgrades. But you should also expect some random stuff thrown in once in a while.